Colonial Roots of Global Health

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Lessons learned for modern humanitarian health

Paul Farmer, Peter Drobac, and Zoe Agoos

A piece in the Washington Post last September observed that “For a Global Generation, Public Health Is a Hot Field.”[i] The generation in question was, of course, that of the primary readership of this journal. In the words of one American pollster, yours is the generation appositely termed the “First Global.” But even if this trend is new—and it seems to us that its scope is unprecedented—the collection of problems classed under the rubric of global health is not new, although there are many new twists (such as acquired resistance to antimicrobials, which could not have occurred prior to their invention and widespread use). The basic lineaments of the debates are not new, either, nor are efforts to affect the health of populations far from home. The issues facing those interested in global health are old ones; many of the institutions confronting these challenges are mature bureaucracies. Even the identification of ranking challenges—what historians of science have called “problem choice”—is constrained by social forces with roots in the 19th century and before.


BroadReach Healthcare

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Merging the worlds of business and healthcare

Sarah Littlehale, Staff Writer


“He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything,” or so goes the Arab proverb. Unfortunately, far too few people in this world have such hope.  In the eyes of many, healthcare has become a luxury for the rich yet remains fragmented and uncoordinated in the world’s most impoverished regions.  The founders of BroadReach Healthcare chose to imagine the world differently.

BroadReach is an international consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. and South Africa specializing in global healthcare management.

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